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Our Mission

At Happy Feet Preschool, we believe that we are the footsteps to learning for your child. Our footsteps to learning targets a child's development when each child's important milestones begin to take shape.

At Happy Feet Preschool every individual child is presented with an educational curriculum enabling them to excel and show their uniqueness. We are not here solely to just care for a child; we are here to build upon their existing knowledge and to make a positive impression on their educational future.

Happy Feet Preschool's environment is comfortable and stimulating with an emphasis on learning centers and

exploration. Infants, toddlers, and preschoolers at Happy Feet share an educational focus directed at their developmental level.

Our teachers strive to create fun learning activities to build upon their student's knowledge base. We are truly a preschool, with health, safety, and education being our top priorities . Our supervision and care creates an environment that is safe and secure. Our grounds are private in a country like setting and our building is always locked and secure with a locked entry system that requires a code for all that enter.

Our strengths include our consistent teaching family that works and performs as professionals in a family type environment Our professional teachers are trained in CPR and First Aid and continually trained in new teaching health initiatives in the field and are knowledgeable with medical procedures such as Epi-pens, Inhalers, and Nebulizers.

A Health Care Consultant is on staff to answer any medical questions and to keep our environment healthy and germ free. We continue to foster a close relationship with the Department of Public Health for any other questions that may arise that cannot be answered readily.

At Happy Feet Preschool we provide the best possible care matched with an unsurpassable learning environment at competitive rates. We offer detailed progress conferences, and a formal graduation ceremony that celebrates each child's educational progress and their transition to Kindergarten.

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